It’s difficult for me to put into words why I do what I do; I love photography…I just always have. I can't pinpoint that exact moment in time when I decided, ‘I’m going to be a photographer when I grow up,’ but I can remember sitting in front of suitcases full of photos that my mom had collected and sorting through them, mesmerized. 

To me, photographs hold a special kind of magic. I want to tell your journey, the whole story, from your engagement, to your wedding, to your first child, all the way through their wedding day, and give you a piece of that magic I feel. I want to be there to capture all those special memories and moments for you.

Outside of photography, I'm a chia tea loving, donut/taco addicted, adventure-seeking creative type. In my free time, I love sitting at home with my husband and our three furbabies, or hiking and traveling somewhere new if the adventurous spirit hits me.